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Tribune press service

New Delhi, April 21

A study authorized by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on “Social security and health rights of migrant workers in India” recommended that the Center establish an interstate migration council to ensure coordination between the union and state governments.

In addition, he advocated for the creation of a national information system on migrants. The study was undertaken in two districts, each of Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The total sample size was 4,400. Of these, 1,600 were interstate migrant workers, 800 local workers, 400 employers, 800 civil servants and 800 academics and NGO representatives.

The study, through its seven objectives, including examining discrimination and barriers faced by workers in accessing social security and health rights, recommended corrective measures to the Center and to state governments. .

In addition, the objective was to analyze laws and policies at central and state level with regard to social security and workers’ health rights.

Documenting the enabling factors and best practices for securing social security and workers’ health rights was the other objective of the study. It raised awareness among interstate migrant workers about programs and facilities.

The establishment of a 24×7 helpline at national and national level and the creation of a quota for them with regard to MGNREGA are part of the other recommendations.

He expressed the need to improve access to the national social assistance program for these workers and to speed up the implementation of the “One Nation One ration card”.

Other key suggestions

  • Awareness of Interstate Migrant Worker Programs and Facilities
  • 24/7 helpline for grievance resolution
  • Creation of a quota for migrant workers
  • Improve access to the national social assistance program for migrant workers
  • Accelerated implementation of the “ One Nation One Ration Card ”
  • Compulsory registration of migrant workers with labor services


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