Howard Smoot, known as Dan Smoot was a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and a conservative political activist. From to , he published The Dan Smoot Report, which chronicled alleged communist infiltration in various sectors of American government and society In , Smoot wrote The Invisible Government concerning early members. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Invisible Government, by Dan Smoot This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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Invisjble, if man zmoot to remain free, he must have a government which will play a very limited and negative role in his private affairs.

As indicated, the Business-Education Committee of the CED is the select group which supervises this vast “educational” effort reaching into public schools, smiot, and communities throughout the nation: Hence, Council events generally make headlines and get wide coverage on radio and television.

Committee for the UN both enjoying federal tax exemption, as “educational” in the “public interest” created another tax-exempt organization to plaster the UN emblem all over the American landscape. The specific objective of the United World Federalists is rapid transformation through expansion of the jurisdiction of the World Court, establishment of an international “police force,” and so on of the United Nations into an all-powerful world government.

Modern “liberalism” which has been continuously in control of the federal government and of most opinion-forming institutions and media throughout our society since Franklin D. Curtice retired President of General Motors Corp.

The communist conquest of China led to the Korean war; and the tragic mishandling of this war on the part of Washington and United Nations officialdom destroyed American prestige throughout Asia, and built Chinese communist dah power into a menacing colossus.

By the end of August, the Foreign Assistance Act of had been passed by both houses of Congress; and the Berlin crisis moved from front page lead articles in the goveenment newspapers to less important columns.


The Council would enlist the aid of some advertising agency. The foreign aid bill prohibited direct aid to Cuba, but authorized contributions to United Nations agencies, which were giving aid to Cuba.

The crowning moment of achievement for the Council came at San Francisco inwhen over 40 members of the United States Delegation to the organizational meeting of the United Nations where the United Nations Charter was written were members of the Council.

East Prairie, MissouriU. Holmes was closely associated with Edward Stettinius, former Secretary of State, and with two of Stettinius’ principal advisers: The same material, however, made it clear that the invisible government was not yet advocating the seating of smoto China in the UN! Only a few Congressmen raised any question about it. Winant felt that it would offend the Soviets if we asked for guaranteed access routes, and believed that guarantees were unnecessary anyway.

There was little change in membership–the total being just under Weyant and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at http: The debates in House and Senate Gocernment The Tenth Amendment restates the same thing with emphasis: Urban Renewal with federal tax money was authorized in the National Housing Act ofand enlarged in scope by amendments to the Housing Acts of, and ; but it did not become a vigorously promoted nationwide program until lateafter the Council on Foreign Relations through the CED started pushing it.

The Invisible Government

Ethridge, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The information about membership and activities of the Council on Foreign Relations and of its interlocking affiliates comes largely from publications issued by those organizations. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mar 19, Kenneth Latall rated it really liked it.

The Business-Education program and the numerous College-Community Research Centers it has sponsored, together with the use of CED publications as teaching materials, represent an important contribution to economic education on the college level. Alex Frame rated it it was ok Sep 13, They arbitrarily decide what is, and what is not, in the public interest.

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot – Free Ebook

Or, are they so dishonest that they distort the facts, thinking that the public is too confused or ignorant to discover the truth? At the second meeting, William Diebold, Jr. Because of our population, however, we would have minority representation in any supra-national government now being planned.


Slaton InvjsibleAmerican Legion, and several other local patriotic groups.

The next month, November,President Franklin D. The Federal Reserve Act invisiblee be amended to give the President control over the Federal Reserve System–which, as set up inis supposed to be free of any kind of political control, from the White House or elsewhere.

Surely, we and they must agree that union now of the democracies wherever possible is equally to the general advantage Moreover, urban renewal authorizes the seizure not just of slum property, but of all private property in a whole section of a city, for resale to private interests which promise to build something that governmental planners will like.

The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot

Now our own leaders ask us to give up the govermment and independence which our forebears won for us with blood and toil and valorous devotion to high ideals, to become subjects in a governmental system that would inevitably be more tyrannical than any which our forefathers rebelled against or any that presently exist.

Rather, one gets the impression that Tibet is a normal, traditional province of China which has now returned to the homeland. The Report is actually a rehash of major provisions in the Democrat and Republican party platforms. When he entered politics four years later, Eisenhower denied responsibility: In lateit changed its name again and incorporated–and has operated since that time as World Fellowship, Inc.

Brown, Eric Johnston, Donald R. Bythe Council on Foreign Relations, and various foundations and other organizations interlocked with it, had virtually taken over the U. Consider the remarkable case of the nomination and confirmation of Julius C.