Hans Christoph Binswanger (born 19 June in Zurich) is a Swiss economist. He developed the concept of an ecological tax reform and is considered a. Hans Christoph Binswanger’s 3 research works with 15 citations and 69 reads, including: Il Dilemma dell’Uomo moderno. Hans Christoph Binswanger has. Hans Christoph Binswanger’s 3 research works with 3 citations and 3 reads, including: Stichwort Ökologische Steuerreform. Hans Christoph Binswanger has.

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Can states save their banks and in the end even make a profit out of it? This site uses cookies. Then there is at least one good news: Firms borrow this money in the form of credits and buy work, energy and resources in order to produce. This caused the dot com bubble to form. Those possessing shares with increasing prices, thus have gained money from nothing — or from the collective hope for the future, at least on paper. Like consumer vouchers that could be distributed by the government to stimulate growth.

Today this absolute goal is economic growth, and it is not being questioned. But how do you want to bridle capitalism?

Hans Christoph Binswanger, co-founder of IWÖ, passes away

Incorporated companies are no business model for binswangfr future ; they are oriented towards permanent profit. Will this prevent future speculation bubbles? Do you plead for a capitalism without growth? Answers to the economic crisis, by Hans Christoph Binswanger. It is simply irrelevant.


From here one could argue that by acting as a new creator of money through debt-financed economic stimulus packages, the government is casting out devils by Beelzebub.

Innovative courses, tools and issue-centered case studies enabling long-term strategic resilience and future-relevant competencies. Because if they do not grow, they will shrink. But is absolutely sure that one of the next bubbles will involve resources and food products.

Hans Christoph Binswanger, co-founder of IWÖ, passes away – Business School Lausanne

What else is needed? The stock company wants to keep the share value high, therefore not all profits will be paid out. This means that the permanent and uncontrolled increase of money-volume has led us into the financial crisis.

His affinity with art manifested itself in the manner of his scientific argumentation. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Email required Address never made public. Geld, Energie und Imagination in der Dynamik des Marktprozesses.

But with a difference: The second point I mentioned — foundations instead of incorporated companies — is claimed only by a certain Mr. A staring point could be the idea of Vollgeld, based on the proposition of Irving Fisher, the most famous US curistoph of the thirties. It would need to finance all the expenses necessary for the production of these goods.


Based on these insights, Binswanger asks what creates the coherence of a capitalist society. Are there influential economists advocating the same changes as you do?

Hans-Christoph Binswanger

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Is it different from what we are doing now? Binswanger believes that a capital-driven economy cannot renounce a growth altogether. Stock companies depend intrinsically on growth. We all win, no one pays — a beautiful fairy tale? This new money starts by being a number in a balance, coupled with the hope for a profitable reimbursement in the future.

In Faust Goethe thus describes, with historical accuracy, the establishment of three crucial instruments that enabled economic growth and served as a motor for further development: March He has have always been a maverick. It could be imagined that the central bank bimswanger limit the money-volume by restricting the granting of loans.

Hans-Christoph Binswanger – Global Influence

Provide feedback about this page. From tohe was Dean of the Department of Economics. Companies need equity and borrowed capital from third parties. As soon as recovery starts, there will be inflationary tendencies.