exercises, they all do tell the same story about a minor brawl in a bus, and . in fact I saw somewhere that Exercices de Style is Queneau’s best seller among the. In “Exercises in Style,” first published in Paris in , Raymond Queneau repeats it 99 times, each time transforming it in some way. The first. Exercises in Style has ratings and reviews. Manny said: MetaFrom what point of view should I review the book? Evidently: from all possible po.

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Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau

In which case it really has nothing to do with what a conventional book is, but rather is the author’s tag-along take on what he has already done? Francophones, lovers of wordplay. But no matter what it meant to queneay, to me it was just BLAH! There really is only literature before- and after-Joyce, no matter your opinions on Ulysses itself.

Exercises in Style : Raymond Queneau :

He seemed to be upset, so I worked up the courage to go up and talk to him. Other books in this series. After giving some time to reflect, my overzealousness has hardly died down and, through some helpful and insightful discussions and rereads of the stories with others I highly recommend reading Garima’s wonderfully comprehensive review! From Wikipedia, the free exercses. As writing teachers and crime scene investigators know, a hundred different people could witness the same incident and describe it differently.

It was time for me to get off. When I got to the more abstruse linguistic games, I started wondering how these could ever be translated into other languages, so I bought the English and German versions of the book and played my own game of contrast and compare.


The big problem was that she, I mean they, said she, I mean they, had 20 years experience. View all 44 comments. Therefore, I consider it my duty to compose a review of the book in question in order to highlight its many faults.

I can be quite a lousy museum-goer. When a seat is vacated, the first man appropriates it. Ultimately, it comes down to the exercses that it’s all better in theory. Ite oise foule, nirlie. There is a sequence emphasizing each of the five senses in turn: I think it was the better for it.

It fascinated me that there were things that I missed on my first two reads and that I would now tell you sxercises them in my review. Jun 09, Geoff rated it it was amazing Shelves: Plus, the process is just as likely to produce piggy porn as it is to emulate Queneau granting, for our purposes, that there is a distinction to be made.

After an exchange of words, the young man moves to another seat.

The translation is extremely well done and I can only imagine how brilliant it might have been in its original French text.

If anything, it highlights precisely the limits imposed on a translation of a text which plays so brilliantly with the linguistic structure of its native language.

There is no way you can translate many of these further; you can only adapt them. I plan to read Zazie in the Metro by the same author the co-founder of Exxercises since I don’t have particular reservations against reading prose works in translation. The grey shelving unit. You will have a few days of pure esoteric enjoyment! But writers, and especially aspiring writers, can benefit from Queneau’s quirky volume. Quendau enough, the “theme” does not occur in its pure form; the first statement is itself a variation, so the poor summary above is mine.

I imagine this is already enough to turn off most people, but in case this still sounds really good to you, be apprised that none of those styl I feel like this book’s high average rating atyle caused mostly by the fact that the only people who would even know about it are the sort of people who’d like it.


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Exercises in Style

I can be quite a lousy reader. I debated in the quiet chambers of my mind many hours how to review this book.

I knew the recognizable twinge springing through my warm body when I saw this book laying amid the boisterous articles on the vacant bus seat; the quintessential oddball novel.

The plot of Exercises in Style is quite simple: However, in contrast to Beckett, Queneau’s profundities are always masked in the language of the quotidian, the everyday, the comedic, the banal. There have been quite a few books that have caused me while reading to think “If I ever teach a creative writing class, I’ve got to use this!

Exercices de style – France. This is not the case for the English translation, where my distribution is more “normal”. We are told that the young man has a long neck, and wears a plaited string on his hat instead of a ribbon, but not much more. I tried to clap it shut, but my hands would not move; there was a resistance coming from the book itself.

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