EUROLITE NX silver + Timer controller No classic club and no big stage can do without it: the smoke-machine. It is not only its power-output. EUROLITE NB ICE Bodennebler. will be ordered for you. EUR ยท EUROLITE LED FE Hybrid Laserflower. 1 piece on stock. EUR EUROLITE DMX Stage Control, den Scheinwerfern EUROLITE PAR (Dimmer- Modus) und der. Nebelmaschine EUROLITE NX (Switch-Modus).

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When the fog machine is not in use for a longer period of time empty the entire smoke fluid from the machine before storing it. If you wish to deactivate the Timerfunction, press the Timer-button again. Manfrotto Results Alle anzeigen.

EUROLITE NB-150 ICE Low Fog Machine (Light Stage & Disco)

In-Ear Monitoring 44 Results Alle anzeigen. Cables on Spool 43 Results Alle anzeigen. This is to be adjusted for every single device by changing the DIP-switches as set out in the table below. Energysaver 13 Results Alle anzeigen.

  DSE 5310 PDF

Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder. Recording 2 Results Alle anzeigen. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Never pull out the plug by tugging the power-cord.

Eurolite NX Remote Online At Low Prices At Huss Light & Sound

Avoid direct skin contact with the smoke. Unused machines must be disconnected from the mains. The operation in an unsufficiently ventilated room can lead to a condensation of the smoke fluid.

Never drink fluid or use it on the inside or outside of a human body.

Achten Sie unbedingt darauf, dass sich immer eine ausreichende Menge Nebelfluid im Tank befindet. The resulting slippery surface can cause accidents. Acoustic Plucked Instruments 47 Results Alle anzeigen. Adapter Results Alle anzeigen. Eurolitd 36 Results Alle anzeigen.

Multimedia Technic Results Alle anzeigen. Snakelights 61 Results Alle anzeigen. Assesoires Results Alle anzeigen. The individual functions are desribed in the following. The device must only be connected with an electric installation carried out in compliance with the IECstandards.

Other smoke fluids may cause clogging. Disconnect from mains before starting maintenance operation!

Eurolite Timer-Controller LCD-1

The device has to be installed out of the reach of people. Wireless Microphones Results Alle anzeigen.


DJ Technic Results Alle anzeigen. After use clean all remaining cleaner and rinse the tank thoroughly. To make the purchase easier for you, we offer now the Pro Lighting 30 days Money back.

Available from stock Aschheim Delivery time: This process guarantees an appropriate vaporization temperature and the best smoke emission possible. Operate the device only after having familiarized with its functions. Unplug mains lead before opening the housing!

EUROLITE : User manual

Therefore do not touch the nozzle until it has cooled down completely. Connect the Remote Control with the Remote Control-input of the first device.

Always make sure euroltie is sufficient smoke fluid in the fluid tank. Read user manual before use. Truss Results Alle anzeigen. Your manual failed to upload