The switches by Omron are all designated D2F, from there it gets a bit .. Atm I have a mice on my desk which uses two D2FC-F-7N(10M) for. Buy OMRON D2FC-F-7N(10M) Micro Switch Microswitch for Mouse with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!. Those little switches have a snap fit cover, and can be opened up. Omron switch catch. carefully pull on the catch with a fine blade, and remove.

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Your mouse may have some slop to prevent this when your fingers are off the mouse, but as soon as you put them on o,ron, the lifespan is probably starting to drop as the weight of your fingers remove that slop. My Logitech M Marathon originally had Himake switches before I swapped them d2fc-f-7m for Omrons after one switch started double-clicking.

Something I’ve personally noticed regarding lifespan, I have found that at least in my case, that 20M switches are not as durable as 10M switches.

Omron D2FC-F-7N | eBay

Alin – Yes, this site even mentions a switch with a ms! However they often coincided with the button color or a painted dot on top.

I also added a bit about the switch, basically assuming that it two has a Japanese and Chinese counterpart. Leslieann on Sun, 24 July Design-wise, these match the Japanese switches, however, without a micrometer it’s impossible to eyeball, so you will need to just install and try them, if they are super sensitive, then it needs Chinese switches rather than Japanese.

Test it again now. JohnU yup, it’s a razer mouse. Thanks for your help! In all fairness, this could just be a change in my use pattern, a change in Omron’s production or Logitech’s production as the 20s are a recent change for Logitech and their manufacturing has changed so it could be the supplier.


Actually, I meant to say digital caliper.

Use this to clean off the abrasive cleaner. Sun, 30 October No question, the Japanese switch is better made, but unless you use it in a harsh environment, or plan on your mouse lasting 10 years or more it may not be worth the added expense or hassle to install them. You imron where he lived. The D2F01F should probably work. Anything touching that button shortens the lifespan.

Leslieann on Sat, 29 October By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Personally, 10M last longer than 20M for me, see my note here. If the mouse button rests on the switch button d2tc-f-7n your f2fc-f-7n causes it to, then the lifespan will be shortened.

You aren’t going to get machinist precision, but 0. Test the switch again.

This becomes more relevant in the next section. There’s really no documentation telling how to go from Huanos to Omrons interchange, there may be measurements from Huanos somewhere but if there is one thing I learned researching this is that documentation is lacking.

Omron D2FC-F-7N

Just another reason for gamers to consider the non -F. One way you can get spares is to smash open another mouse that’s broken for some other reason. Omron pdf – https: Not exactly fixing the old ones, but an even better, frugal solution. So if you’re comparingthat should be d2fc-t-7n into account. No waiting for delivery, the switches are identical except for the color, and very cheap in face of alternatives.

Definitive Omron Switch Guide for Mice

I just exchanged the right and left switch and no more problem. Unplug the mouse now. This took hours to compile, reading websites, pdf’s and more, it contains all you should need to know. Thread it through the switch and pull it back and forth to rub away any dirt from the contacts.


This is backed up by the Asus ROG Spatha mouse which uses a machine numbers on the switches inside the mouse, but retail naming on the two switches included this mouse allows the user to change them. The obvious solution is to remove the malfunctioning microswitch and replace with a spare, omrpn where I live they aren’t available at all.

Levers can be removed, so if you want a specific switch in a hurry and can only find it with a lever, you can always remove it from the switch and use it without problems, just be careful removing it. Youtube has a video: Official Geekhack Public Defender. I’ll put a chart at the bottom showing what is using what that I know of and if others post I will try and add them. We’ll discuss retail switches first, as once you understand them, you can more easily understand the machine switches.

That’s when I gave up believing I’d ever find a max bounce time. Place it on a table, and squash it slightly with your finger. As you start pounding the button for rapid fire, you can easily exceed the -F’s force limits which is only a little over a pound.

Logitech MX Revolution mouse repair.

But differently than expected the case has a white button and no clear point in any color.