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Ficatum is the origin of the words for liver in several Romance languages: When done, retire the roulades and dry them. Apicius’ heating of the fruit in milk is new to us; it sounds good, for it has a tendency to parboil any hard fruit, make it more digestible and reduce the fluid to a creamy consistency.

Place the flesh in a mortar and diligently pound with fish sauce. Despite being called “illustrious,” nothing about him is truly known. Boletorum coliculi ; G. Thereupon spread it out on a pan and when cool cut it into handy pieces like small cookies.

We fail to find this quotation from Varro in his works, M. Theme Style Language Country. It must be borne in mind, however, that the ancient definition of “custard” is “egg cheese,” probably because of the similarity in appearance and texture. At any consequence we partook of a grand dish that no inmate of Olympus would have sneezed at. Aphros is not identified. It does not provide a Latin text, is said to be based on inferior manuscript tradition, and Vehling’s translation is quirky and inconsistent.

When the cutlets are done marinated the pickle is placed on the fire and boiled; the cutlets are put back into this gravy and are finished with crushed pepper, spices, honey, broth, and roux.

When we first apocio this message we took the inn-keeper for a humorist and a clever advertiser; but now we are convinced that he was in earnest when he said that his guests would lick the sauce pan in which his hams were cooked. IV Tid-bits, Chops, Steaks. We have 1 facsimile edition of the manuscript “Apicius – De Re Coquinaria”: Plainly, we are dealing here with fresh, uncured ham.


Fulvius a Hirpinus is credited with having popularized the snail in Rome a little before the civil wars between Caesar and Pompey.

Show More Like This by: The texts compiled in the Vatican De Re Coquinaria are probably originating from approx. It thus saves much in freight to parts where the potato does not grow.

The man’s name was Fulvius or just maybe Flavius less likely because it was commoner much later in Rome’s history: Place it in the oven to let it rise and when one side is done, turn it out into a service platter fold it pour over honey, sprinkle with pepper 3 and serve.

The tenderloins are then rolled up to be roasted; tie together, wrap in caul, parboil in oil 2 and broth, and then roast in the oven or broil on the gridiron. Brandt is of the opinion that this remark was added coquinagia a posterior reader.

Autore:Marco Gavio Apicio

The soaking of livers in milk is quite common; it removes the offensive taste of the gall. Put it in a pot with boiling water, retire and prick with a needle so that it does not burst. They are peeled, immersed in cream and sweetened with sugar. Sliced at the table: When half done, take it out and hang it into the smoke to take on color; now boil it over again and finish it leisurely.

Apicio De Re Coquinaria Facsimile | New York Academy of Medicine

When it has a nice color, put in a sauce pan raisin wine, pepper, a bunch of rue and pure wine to taste. The manuscript, before reaching the Vatican Library, was in Bologna in and then in the collection of the Montefeltro dukes, in Urbino. To me, this looks less like a sauce and more like a marinade, or even a rub, slightly moistened to make it stick. But the recipes are geared for the wealthiest classes, and a few contain what were exotic ingredients at that time e.


Ubi perna cocta est si convivae apponitur non gustat pernam linguit ollam aut caccabum.


Fry these in the best oil, take them out, xe into hot honey, sprinkle with pepper 2 and serve. For other uses, see Apicius disambiguation.

Latin Wikisource has original text related to this article: Perhaps the term stood for Apricots Old English Aphricocks or some other African fruit or plant; Lister’s celery is to be rejected on gastronomical grounds.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. V Choice Roasts Assaturae 1 1 Tor. It can be prepared in every way like a potato, and possesses advantages over the potato as far as value of nutrition, flavor, culture and keeping qualities are concerned.

Apicius is a collection of Roman cookery recipes, usually thought to have been compiled in the 1st century AD and written in a language that is in many ways closer to Vulgar than to Classical Latin ; later recipes using Vulgar Latin such as ficatumbullire were added to earlier recipes using Classical Latin such as iecurfervere.

Angelo Polizianothe famous Italian classical scholar, asked the Montefeltro to consult the Apicius in order to collate his own collection of Apicius recipes. Heat and bind with roux. Mel caseum ; Tor. Views Read Edit View history.

It was published in and is still in print, having been reprinted in by Dover Publications. Look up apicius in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Italian fegatoSpanish higadoFrench foie. Due to publishers’ policies, some prices can’t be displayed online, however we can answer to direct enquiries. Then fill it with the following dressing: